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Account Information

The Account Information APIs let you retrieve real-time account and transaction data from all your authorized Online Banking for Business accounts. In most cases you'll want to call a summary of your accounts first, which will return accountIDs to be used to identify accounts in future calls.

Endpoints Summary

Search for Authorized Accounts
Get an Account
Search for Account Transactions


Which bank account is associated with my BMO API account ID?

When you make a GET call to our system, specifically Search for Accounts, you'll be returned a list of authorized accounts. For security reasons, these accounts will be identified with a unique account ID that is different from the account number.

To see which account is associated with the account ID returned, check the account_number field in the body of the return.

What accounts will I be able to see when I connect an application in Production?

When you connect an application in production, you’ll be able to see the same accounts you’re entitled to in Online Banking for Business.