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How It Works

Developing your desktop or mobile apps with our APIs is free and simple. Here’s how it works.

Get a Free Account

Before you can start building your app, you'll need to create an Organization Account. You can then add other users to it. Best of all, it's free and only takes a few minutes.

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Browse Our APIs

Explore our growing API library and find the ones that fit your needs.

While you don't need an account to browse our APIs, you'll need one to register a test application and use our sandbox.

Browse our APIs

Register Your App

Ready to build? We recommend registering your app with us early to get free sandbox credentials you can use directly in your code. These sandbox API keys identify your app when it’s trying to communicate with our servers. They work just like the real thing but return dummy data for testing instead.

You can also do this later and instead test API behaviour more generally using the Sandbox on this site.

Register App

Access Our Sandbox

Our Sandbox is a safe environment to test your code with dummy data. You need a free account to access it. We offer two sandbox options:

  • Sandbox API keys – These credentials can be used directly in your code and let your app communicate with our servers just like it would once it’s launched. The only difference is that we’ll send you dummy data instead of real account information.

    This option is closest to a real-life test but requires you to register your app with us.

    How to create Sandbox API keys

  • Our Sandbox - If you’re just looking to test basic API responses, you can use the sandbox area on this site without registering your app with us.

    This option is a good choice if you’re still experimenting in the early phases of your build or are confident that you won’t need real-life testing for your code.

Go Live

Once you’re ready to launch your app, let us know. We’ll discuss pricing and work with you to switch your sandbox credentials to production ones. It’s that simple.

Launch Your App

Troubleshooting Help

To make sure your development experience is as smooth as possible, we’re here to help you with:

  • API Documentation -This detailed guide shows you how to format your requests and handle responses in most coding languages.

  • Help Centre -Here you’ll find our answers to commonly asked questions, neatly organized by API type and activity.

  • API Technical Support -For those tough cases, our dedicated API team is just a phone call or email away.

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Our dedicated team is here to help.

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